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Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls Tampa, FL

When landscapes are being designed, there are times when the landscapers suggest that retaining walls have to be built in your yard or garden. These specially-engineered walls are built in spots where the landscaped areas have been excavated and the soil and slope needs support. These walls are custom-designed to match the contour of the landscaping and they help prevent soil erosion.

Green Go Farms provides custom retaining wall services to customers in and around Plant City, Tampa, Lakeland, Brandon and Largo. They also cater to customers across Lakeland, Land O’ Lakes, Lutz as well as Palm Harbor. They have handled landscaping projects in Wesley Chapel, University and Winter Haven too.

Retaining Wall Blocks

The landscapers use concrete blocks to build retaining walls. These are extremely resilient and the wall structure can last for a number of years. It provides the soil the support it needs and helps prevent soil erosion as too. The concrete surfaces can be clad with brick or stone veneers to add to the aesthetics of the structure.

Concrete Blocks

Concrete is a very strong material and its used in building construction as well in most landscaping projects. Concrete wall blocks are used to build retaining walls in various areas in the yard or garden where the landscaping needs support. These concrete blocks are interlocking units and the entire system can be used to create the kind of walls you want on your property.

Building A Retaining Wall

When you are getting a retaining wall built, you should ensure that you hire expert stone masons for the job. These walls are very different from standard walls and they have to be able to hold the soil and rocks back effectively and prevent soil erosion too. These walls can also be used to demarcate various areas in your yard and garden and they add to the integrity of the landscape.

Retaining Wall Design

The landscape professionals pay a lot of attention to retaining wall design. In many cases, the wall may serve a dual purpose and it could include in-built seating. These could be built in areas where fire pits, fireplaces or outdoor kitchens have been installed. They also prove to be space savers as you have to use less outdoor furniture. In some areas these walls may also have planters in one section and this too becomes a dual-function structure.

Block Wall

The construction of a block wall is a specialized job and when your landscapers are tackling this job, it becomes part of the first phase of the landscaping project. It’s a masonry feature that lends support to the garden and yard and you are able to create features such as driveways, outdoor kitchens, patios and decks etc. with a retaining block wall to demarcate the spaces.

If you are considering getting your yard or garden designed and are looking for landscaping companies that can provide you excellent services at a competitive landscaping cost, Green Go Farms is a company that can cater to your needs.

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