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Water Features

Water Features Tampa, FL

A well-balanced landscape has a number of elements such as plantings and hardscaping as well as decorative elements and water features. Many people like to get fountains, ponds and waterfalls installed on their property. These lend freshness to the surroundings and flowing water also adds to the serenity of the surroundings.

Green Go Farms provides custom water feature installation services to customers in and around Plant City, Tampa, Lakeland, Brandon and Largo. They also cater to customers across Lakeland, Land O’ Lakes, Lutz as well as Palm Harbor. They have handled landscaping projects in Wesley Chapel, University and Winter Haven too. They can design and install various water features including:

Water Fountains

Fountains create a very charming atmosphere in your garden or yard. You can get a custom-designed stone fountain in the landscape. There are times when the design of the entire landscape is centered on the placement and design of the water fountain. If you have a larger and well spread-out landscape, you can also choose to get more than one fountain installed on your property. The landscapers will ensure that they create installations that match the appearance of the other features in your landscape and create a very cohesive look in your yard.


Adding a waterfall to your landscape can change the appearance of the entire setting. In fact many people get a waterfall installation that also flows into a meandering stream right through the landscape; this creates a very quaint and natural setting. The waterfall can be custom-designed in the manner you like and rocks, boulders and stones can be used to create a very stunning setting in the landscape. The rock water fall can also incorporate planters where you can grow the kind of plants you want. Some people are concerned about the safety aspect of getting a waterfall installation on their property as they have kids or pets at home. If this is the case, you can opt for a pondless waterfall too.

Backyard Ponds

If you like your landscape to have a very natural theme and concept, you can choose to get a backyard pond installed on your property. These ponds have to be planned in detail and the placement has to be well thought-out too. This is especially true if you plan to have fish and aquatic plants in the pond. Many people get Koi ponds installed on their property and the Koi fish create a very exotic look in your yard. However, a pond is a high maintenance installation and you should consider whether you would be able to dedicate that much time and effort towards its maintenance.

Water Feature Cost

The company that is handling the design and installation of the water features will provide you all the details and designs with the relevant quotes. They will keep your budget in view at all times and this ensures you get the kind of solutions that work perfectly for you. If you are considering getting your yard or garden designed and are looking for landscaping companies that can provide you excellent services at a competitive landscaping cost, Green Go Farms is a company that can cater to your needs.

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